Important COVID-19 Update:-


The Coronavirus is continuing to spread and quickly. We advise you to stay at home and only go out if you really need to.

With large companies such as John Lewis, Primark and JD Sports closing their doors we are thinking about the best way forward for us. We want to keep our customers, their families and our families safe. We will be implementing a prearranged click and collect service as from today. This means that you can place your order online or via our email If ordering via email please wait for your confirmation email and we will contact you for payment whether it be over the phone, PayPal or BACS. This will enable you to order and collect without any face to face contact. We are still operating our usual UK wide courier service and our Raw Galore door to door personal delivery service. Our personal delivery service will also be in line with the social distancing guideline. We will agree with you a safe place to leave your order and advise you when we have been.

We will ensure that you get what you need for your dogs raw and natural diet, whilst adhering to government guidelines and ensuring safety for our customers. 🐾🐕

Our website is being re-stocked daily with your dogs raw complete meals, boneless mixes, DIY items, natural supplements and natural treats. Furry Feasts, Naturaw & The Dogs Butcher have just been restocked. Raw Goats milk is now back in stock and we have some amazing new natural dog treats available.

Do not panic; there really is no need to. We are protecting our customers and doing our best to help fight the COVID-19 virus.

Please say safe, wash your hands, cough or sneeze into a tissue and dispose of it. Self isolate if needed.

Please remember that dogs DO NOT carry the coronavirus!!

Raw Galore Ltd